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  • Dirty Pigeons, Dark Pigeons (4510)
    The Dark and Dirty Pigeons are teams C league teams who have played for years at the sports center, and have a rich history, all of which is described in detail on a well done team website! Check it out!
  • Financing Unlimited Roller Hockey (3786)
    Financing Unlimited is an old team with a new name! Formally JFP, they have created a detailed website worth checking out!
  • Harrisburg Lunatics (2740)
    This is the home page of the Harrisburg Lunatic Professional Roller Hockey Team. New address so make the changes to your favorites!
  • PIHA (2085)
    Official Site of the Proffesional Inline Hockey Association.
  • Hounds Pound (2079)
    The Hounds are another fantastic supporting team of the SSC adult league! Check out their well designed site, and get up to date on Hound news, stats and info!
  • Potomac Mavericks (1751)
    Homepage of the Potomac Mavericks
  • Mad Dogs Travel Hockey (1684)
    The Mad Dogs travel hockey program has supported SSC tournaments many times. Great first class program.
  • Cougars Roller Hockey (1583)
    Homepage ot the Delaware Valley Cougars roller hockey club.
  • Central Virginia Sabres (1470)
    This is the homepage of the Central Virginia Sabres roller hockey organization.
  • Frederick Independent Roller Hockey (1451)
    Frederick Independent Roller Hockey is involved with our own youth players and participates in our tournaments. Check out their site!